JiaoJiao Li is an artist based in the Netherlands who works across videos, live performances, drawings and poetry. In her practice, she has created a method of poetic abstraction, wherein the sentient body is seen as the primary medium for reflecting on the complexity and realities she confronts in life through direct personal experience. She is familiar with personal trauma in the digital era, such as our communicating with someone by mobile phone, we are connecting with others without the sense of touch, body language, and ability to observe one’s aura and explore the experience of people's emotions on social media. Her work reflects intimacy, mental health, and identity in the digital world; the themes of her art projects are often associated with social practices and mental health. She is a member of Hgtomi Rosa in Den Haag, the Stroom Den Haag artist, she graduated from the St. Joost School of Art & Design Netherlands in 2021 with a MA in visual culture.

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